COURSE - Declutter The Mind

What if simplifying your life began with your mind?

CLEAR OUT stress 


A cluttered mind can take over everything in your life.  You get stuck in patterns that aren’t working, you hold onto resentments, your relationships suffer, and your quality of sleep is limited.

You try to hold your attention on one thing but find yourself wandering from thought to thought, not knowing where or how you even started thinking about something.

Does this feel familiar?

Do you:

  • Feel stressed and worried?

  • Struggle to let go of emotions?

  • Want to find ways to be present but don’t know where to start?

  • Have a hard time remembering things?

You see, I've been there too. Hours upon hours of worry and lack of sleep.  Forgetting where I put things. Getting stuck in emotions I knew no longer served me.

I spent years overthinking everything!

It was time to find a better way to live.


Your solution to living in the present, reducing stress and releasing emotions that continue to clutter the mind.

IMAGINE what it would be like to:

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Move past emotions that hold you back
  • Feel rested after a good night's sleep
  • Improve your short term memory
  • Feel a greater sense of calm and inner peace
  • Purge habits that no longer work for you
  • Create more quality time with your family

We can help!

Uncover the intricate ways your mind is sabotaging you and create a path to get to the root of your internal clutter.

CLEAR OUT unnecessary stress and CREATE SPACE to see things from a different perspective.

Inside you will find...

Intro on How The Mind Works

The science of how your brain works around attention, focus, memory, and getting things done.

Gain an understanding of how the different areas of the brain are linked to your decision making, focus, emotional stability, and learning styles. Then take that understanding to a new level, allowing for you to learn and adapt the mind to shift the areas that are no longer serving you while expanding the areas that are. 

Presented in a workshop format gives you the opportunity to dive in and apply this knowledge to your own circumstances.

A chance to Turn Inward

It’s your turn to look inward at your own mind. Here you will have an opportunity to look inward to increase your awareness around how you personally deal with the world around you. As in the first workshop, you are given chances to dive in and apply this new awareness and make real shifts internally that will bring clarity and understanding around the things sitting in your mind.

Tools to help you
Free The Mind

Simplify your headspace. Give yourself permission to free the unwanted clutter and no longer hold yourself hostage.

Our minds can trick us into believing we must hold onto things for longer than it serves its purpose. In this workshop, you will learn some tools to allow your headspace to let go of thoughts and feelings that are taking up too much space.
It's time to let things be.

A safe place to Take

It’s time to move your feet.

Our minds can trick us into believing we must hold onto things for longer than it serves its purpose. In this workshop, you will learn some tools to allow your headspace to let go of thoughts and feelings that are taking up too much space.

Journey To Euphoria
& The Greater You


Kwinten Kemp | The Greater You Inc.

Kwinten is a clinical mental health counselor and holds a master's degree in mental health counseling. He has studied and employs research-backed methods of guiding people through the healing and change process while implementing coaching methods to move people in a forward direction.


Ginger Sorensen | Journey To Euphoria

Ginger is an entrepreneur with a strong desire to simplify. After founding Journey To Euphoria in 2017 around her own efforts to simplify, she felt excited to find other companies who shared her same vision. She is excited to be involved in the development of Declutter The Mind alongside The Greater You.


What Participants Are Saying...


Join others in the group and share your experience. We post-specific links to the various lessons and exercises in the course so you can share with others while asking questions for more clarity. 


Our No Worries and No-Risk Guarantee

You have nothing to lose...

We are offering you a 100% no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If within the first 30 days you don't feel as though Declutter The Mind has provided value to you... we will refund you 100% of every single penny.

Q & A

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We are currently testing out and improving on the content found in this course and will be releasing updated versions of the material over time. Anyone who jumps in during our BETA mode will have full access for life to all future updates at no additional charge.

Yes! Once you register, you’ll receive immediate access to the course on this platform. An email will also go out to you with sign-in information for future reference. Instant access for the win!

Yes, in fact, you will have LIFETIME access to all future upgrades made to the course. We have big plans!

An invitation link to the Facebook group will be available in the course portal after registration.

NO, we first launched this course as a LIVE 4-week course, with the intention of shifting it to a self-paced option in future versions. Our summer version of the course will not have 'weeks' attached to the modules but instead, be tailored to your own ability to work through the material.

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